Drop-ins to the Moffat stand

New drop-ins range launches, plus hi-tech three-zone oven.

Stand UN20, Restaurant Show, Olympia London, Sept 30 – Oct 2 2019.

British manufacturer E&R Moffat will launch two new products at the Restaurant Show 2019.  The exhibition will be the first chance to see the company’s latest drop-ins range, versatile units designed to drop in to an existing foodservice counter.   Also on show is the innovative compact convection oven that can cook at three different temperatures, simultaneously.

Moffat is one of the UK’s leading developers of counters, both bespoke and off the shelf.  The new drop-ins range allows caterers to change an existing counter by dropping in the working parts of, for example, a bains marie, hot top or refrigerated display.  The drop-ins combine attractive designs with reliable performance.

The ground-breaking convection oven uses a technology developed by Moffat for its new Vgen trolley.  It allows zonal cooking, so that a single, compact oven can have three different, precisely controlled temperature zones.  Chefs will be able to cook different dishes at their ideal temperature at the same time, with no compromise, helping to maximise both flexibility and production capacity while maintaining cooking quality.

Full details of both launches will be unveiled at the Show on stand UN20.

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