Moffat helps LACA celebrate the national school lunch week’s silver jubilee

Celebration in the Houses of Parliament focuses on the importance of hot lunches to schoolchildren

2018 saw the 25th National School Meals Week, organised by LACA to raise awareness of the great food served daily in schools across England and Wales and emphasise the positive effects healthy school lunches have on children.

To celebrate the week’s silver jubilee a diverse range of events was organised, including a nationwide tour, the creation of a cake for Prince Charles’ 70th birthday, and an event held at the Jubilee Room in the Houses of Parliament at the end of the week.

For the tour and the event, LACA wanted to use the same sort of equipment as that actually used by schools, in order to provide an authentic school lunch experience. To this end, E&R Moffat supplied a selection of their product range, including five Versicarte servery counters, its range of modular and highly customisable counters that are used in many schools across the country. These durable units come in heated, refrigerated and ambient variants and can be arranged and rearranged according to requirements, or butted together to form a single service counter in any configuration required.

The Versicartes supplied included two Bains Marie, two ambient units and a refrigerated island unit, enabling a comprehensive menu of both hot and cold food to be easily served at the House of Commons.

At the party, LACA chair Michael Hales thanked all the suppliers who’d helped to make the week’s activities possible. “The effort that everyone put in to make this event work perfectly is very encouraging. It shows the depth of support for providing our children with hot school lunches, and the equipment we used demonstrates exactly the kind of qualities schools require to deliver them.”


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