Christmas banquets

Moffat banqueting trolleys are flexible, cost effective and deliver quality food

Moffat’s Chillogen Banquet Trolley can be used to cater for Christmas functions big or small.  This unit is available in two sizes, 60 and 90 covers, so even with the smaller version, chefs can provide a large number from a single unit. The trolleys can cater for a hot, plated meal service or gastronorm containers.

Thanks to the innovative Chillogen technology, food can be prepared in advance.  The unit then chills and holds food at a constant temperature of +2ºC – +8ºC before converting to an oven, to reheat the meals. Once hot the trolley then can hold the meals at a perfect temperature until ready to serve.

Banqueting chefs should consider equipment that delivers perfect quality food, even when it has been prepared in advance. The fast reheating times offered by the Chillogen trolley ensure that roast potatoes and chips are crisp and brown, and pastries perfect.

If there is any delay in service Moffat’s banqueting trolley will automatically hold the meals at food safe temperature until it’s time to serve.

All caterers should be looking for equipment that allows a more streamlined service, eliminates the need for additional handling of food and offers low maintenance and running costs. The Chillogen Banquet Trolley is a cost effective solution that will pay for itself in a very short time.

Kitchens serving large banqueting events need an effective workflow so that staff are able to deliver food quickly and efficiently to large numbers of people in a short space of time.  Moffat’s mobile Chillogen banqueting trolley is useful in these type of operations as they can be moved around the kitchen for loading and when not required, moved out of the way. The trolley can also be used as a refrigerator, even outside the kitchen, to free up more space.

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