Square display is cool for hot food

Moffat’s stylish heated display unit keeps food in prime condition

Moffat’s bespoke division has just created a heated display unit with an unusual design – it’s square all over, and is divided into square display areas.  The heated Squared Display Servery was originally built for a customer looking for something very different to promote its savoury products, which are served with potato wedges.

The unit was ordered by Aaroc Solutions Ltd.  Managing director Kevan Jack says, “The client was after something unique, bespoke and, of course, functional.  The Moffat Squared Display Servery certainly fits the bill.”

“As well as looking stunning, the produce must be kept in prime condition,” says John Wannan, sales and marketing manager at Moffat.  “We used a special heating system to ensure different product options stay at the correct temperature, without drying out or becoming soggy.”

The unit is divided into three main sections – in the centre is a potato wedge scuttle, while on either side are three shelf display areas, holding a selection of savoury products.  Each of the unit’s three main sections has its own temperature and light controls.

The shelves, which are standard 1/1 gastronorm, have toughened glass thermo-panel insets with built-in elements.  These guarantee even distribution of heat, eliminating hot spots, distortion and discoloration.

The unit has a stylish 10mm-thick UV-bonded glass screen to top, sides and front.  This not only protects the pies but also emphasises the squareness of the design.  Bright LED lights and polished stainless steel construction underline the eye-catching effect.  The rear of the unit has a worktop shelf to assist with service.  The controls are housed in the base of the unit for easy access.

Despite offering six 1/1GN heated shelves plus the heated potato wedge scuttle, the whole unit runs off a 13 amp supply.  It measures 1200mm long by 950mm wide and 1260mm high.

For more information on Aaroc Solutions visit www.aarocsolutionsltd.com


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